My world now

After the lockdowns around the world we are all changing our way of living and adapting to a new reality which for some is terrifying and scary but please have faith god has a plan and every day I appreciate my life and the world I live in which in return gives me strength to face another day and now I am turning my worries into my biggest dream building for others their hope and trust in love

To be continued

My new adventure is opening an inn on the sea

So I stumbled on this piece of land right by the sea and on white sandy beach and I new I couldn’t afford it but put in a bid and two years later I finally got it .

I then decided to open an inn on the sea and I started building with the crumbs I had left from all my realestate businesses going down hill and I built a bar area and bbq right near sea level what an adventure will post photos soon

The rooms were designed by me to a Santorini style with amazing veiws

And now dec 2019 I am finally ready to open to the public and I did it all on my own learning along the way with all the mistakes but never giving up .

Today I can say I love myself for having faith and perusing my dream of my inn on the sea without the financial backup I have managed to open it with lots of personal hard work and endless nights brainstorming the direction to go ahead .

Tomorrow is my big opening day 24 Dec 2019 .

Will update as I go ahead with my plans and photos


Well it’s finally time soon to take the leap of faith and do the fire walk and break through to the other side

Tony robins Singapore 2019