My new adventure is opening an inn on the sea

So I stumbled on this piece of land right by the sea and on white sandy beach and I new I couldn’t afford it but put in a bid and two years later I finally got it .

I then decided to open an inn on the sea and I started building with the crumbs I had left from all my realestate businesses going down hill and I built a bar area and bbq right near sea level what an adventure will post photos soon

The rooms were designed by me to a Santorini style with amazing veiws

And now dec 2019 I am finally ready to open to the public and I did it all on my own learning along the way with all the mistakes but never giving up .

Today I can say I love myself for having faith and perusing my dream of my inn on the sea without the financial backup I have managed to open it with lots of personal hard work and endless nights brainstorming the direction to go ahead .

Tomorrow is my big opening day 24 Dec 2019 .

Will update as I go ahead with my plans and photos


Published by

Brilliantlly Bright

WE ARE ALL ON A JOURNEY TO FIND OUT WHY WE HERE, AND I WOULD LIKE TO SHARE SOME OF MY STORIES AND WHAT I HAVE LEARNED FROM MY LIFE EXPERIENCES :) I Have always taken the road less traveled and it’s made the huge difference between me and others I have achieved the impossible in many areas of my life from health to financial freedom and I have encouraged many with my experience and will continue to share my stories of success with all of you , I thank you for the time you put to reading this and hope to inspire you in some way with my journey. Thank you 😀

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